Aharon April      Аарон Априль
Born in 1932, Lithuania.
Childhood and adolescence spent in Siberia (deportation).

Moscow "1905" Art School
1954-60 Surikoff Art Academy (Moscow).

1958-72 Exhibitions in USSR (two personal exhibitions in Moscow) as well as outside its frontiers

Since 1972, lives and works in Jerusalem, Israel.

1975-76 Chairman of the Jerusalem artists and sculpturs asosiatiom Regular personal exhibitions in Israel, North America, Germany, Switzerland, France, Russia.
1972-83 Teaching art for in Haifa and Jerusalem Universities and Bezalel Art Academy
1991-99 Manager of Sanur Artists' Village.
2001- Recipient of Jerusalem Ish- Shalom Fund "For special contribution to the development of art".

2002 Exhibited in Moscow Museum of Modern Art, "After 30 Years"

2005 Elected as honorary member of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts

2009 Exhibited in State Tretyakov Gallery - Retrospective

2014 Exhibition "Unconscious reality", Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA)

Passed away 14.2.2020 Jerusalem, Israel.

43 works of Aharon April are in various museums in the world.
Aharon April - Аарон Априль - אהרון אפריל
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A Monologue about Aaron April - The Tretyakov Gallery | Artists On Artists

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"For a painter to perceive the visual, is to be astonished, confused at first,
just like when as a child he saw, awed, a calf being borne or a black horse parish"

A. April From the Artist notes 1989

Unconscious reality
Aaron April is an Israeli artist. He is well-known in Israel because his work is deeply rooted in national psyche and the art tradition of the Promised Land. However, one can also discern a certain influence of the Russian painting school in his oeuvre for the artist was educated in the USSR. It is the Soviet Union where the artist took the first steps while starting his career as a Soviet easel painter. In terms of his life and artistic career, April encountered twists and turns aplenty. ...read more

by Vladimir Prokhorov
The Blue bird of April
The fantastic becomes real, and the real - fantastic. How is one to convey the unendurable heat of the Israeli sun, the withering light of the desert with its breathtaking mirages. This blinding light seems to wipe out all colors. The Russian-Israeli painter Aaron Isaakovich April succeeded to be victorious in the battle against this light and to see in this shadow-light environment a strange reality full of endless transformations ("Unconscious reality", 1994). He calls the Israeli light "cruel". No wonder some painters kill their colors with light.
At the exhibition "Aaron April. Paintings, graphics 1960 -2000", The Tretiakov gallery, Moscow, one can observe about a hundred of his works, a vintage of the past thirty years. How unlike are his dark, gloomy canvases, painted in the severe style of the late 1950's, from his canvases painted in Israel: bright, expressive, unchained! April belongs to the kind of painters who know how to tame the chaos. Out of the colorful strokes, seemingly pulsating in disorder, suddenly emerge faces, figures and the Dramatis Personae of the Bible ("Forte-piano", 1992, "The herald", 1995) ...read more

Winds, (dyptich). 2003

Suburbs of Jerusalem. 1980

The rhythms of our street. 1993

Song of Songs (5,1). 1994

The Rape of Europe 1978 - 1987
What's the riddle? A retrospective exhibition by Aaron April in Moscow
Some hundred oils and water colors are now being exhibited at the Tretiakov Gallery, Krymski Val, Moscow, by Aaron April, Lithuanian born, formerly of Russia, and now living in Jerusalem. These biographic details of the painter's life are not merely another confirmation of life having been difficult in the Russia of 1970's, they are necessary to better understand the nuances of his art. His color scheme, compositional construction of his works, his calligraphy, the dynamics and expression of his strokes. All of these are unified by the atmosphere within which the painter lived at the time. Therefore Israel is a key-word in April's biography and artistic development. Later, other words of this creational cross-word puzzle began to line up around this key-word:
"I" -Irreality. Fantastic, enigmatic environment, into which the painter immerses the observer. This term, however, is conditional, since the atmosphere pf the painting is unreal for the viewer, while for the artist himself, it is an existing thing. His canvases, like mosaics, shine through all the colors of a rainbow. The strokes are firm and dynamic.
"S" - Sight. His images are readable. The artist models them like a sculptor, They emerge gradually, bit by bit, out of a host of strokes, lines and dabs.
"R" - Riddle. The artist plays riddles with the viewers. A random glimpse at his canvases allows the viewer to appreciate the subtlety of his color scheme, and also his unsurpassable handling of the brush. April's unique style captures the viewer right at the beginning. We submit to the influence of his dynamics, and only then seek the meaning and the sense. In order to absorb April's paintings, one has to step far, very far back from the canvas. Only then, the images begin to emerge. His works are a chain of riddles to be guessed by the viewer in order to understand the opus. Having outlined one image, the viewer clings to the possibility of finding the final answer to the riddle.
"A" - Atmosphere. April's creations live in a space of their own. This atmosphere, first and foremost, is musical - slow and melodious, but each compositions contains culmination and a core of the basic melody, be it a dab of color, or a compositional crossroad.
"I" - Intimacy. When left to themselves, the painting and the viewer begin to develop an unique relationship. April's art is both ornamental and intimate. It is in a sort of silk embroidery that his paintings harmoniously add up to.
"L" - Lyricism. Together with being expressive and dynamic, April's works are also lyric. The brightness and the wide range of their colors do not prevent the artist (nay, they help him!) from conveying his own attitude and feelings towards the images he creates.
"Miagkii znak" - a unique Russian phonetic sign, unknown in other languages. In April's art, this voiceless sign not only acquires its sound, but its numerous variations, containing melody, dynamics, mood, deliberation, dynamics, the stormy construction of composition and his unique hand. April fills this mute alphabetical sign with plenty of content and meaning.
The art critics associate April with the painters of 1960's. But it is impossible to speak of him as a representative of the "grim style". I may be more appropriate to see April in the company of the USSR painters of the 1960's such as Minas, Avetisian, Torgul, Narimanbeckov, a glorious group of pioneer artists, whose works are characterized by the fullness and variety of colors. Their palette is colorful and bright, in distinction from the general tendency of that time to paint in bleak colors and depict stern images. There is no doubt that the time left its mark on April's art. His heroes are rarely in contact with each other. Their emotional restraint and, occasionally, tension are always present one way or another in his works of that period. After all April is a painter of his time.
The ringing and the fullness of the color are a reflection of the country and the world the artist lives in. It is not in vain that many Moscow painters are accused of being miserly with colors and lack of emotion. The grey color of the city does its work. The gloomier is the art of the USSR painters of the1960's, such as Pavel Nikonov, Tayir Salakhov, and others, the brighter and fuller are the works of the painters of contemporary Russia and other worlds.

                                                      Nayilia Roustayeva
In Heavens and on Earth (dyptich). 1997
Aharon April of today amazes by his multicoloured, energetic, passionate paintings. Vigorous ,comprehensive palette, colours fighting each other or embracing each other capture spectators, making them wonder, rejoice, feel deeply. What are the subjects of his works? At first sight it is fairly difficult to define them. Some of them, according to the names, must be biblical, some worldly. But what is the difference of the "Song of Songs" series or "Lot and his daughters", or "A psalm is born", from "The prayer", "Awakening", "After the masquerade", A black horse" ,Something about Grandfathers", "Uneasy days"? All these works, both watercolours and paintings may be regarded as one painting "Unconscious reality", futuristic abstraction (1994). The essence of April's works is rather violence of colour and its perception in connection with the world, the universe, the human being, than some real, slighty caught things and images. April's paintings are so multimeaningful, multifaced and fantastic that they though they correspond to the name given them by the artist, you yourself could give it ten or twenty other names according to your own feelings. We find quite realistic or relatively realistic works with understandable plot, such as "The family", "Eve of Sabbath. Congregating at the Wailing Wall", "Expecting the heir", "A house in Jerusalem", "Flowers against the white", portraits of relatives, landscapes of Israel... But here we also see fantastic palette, expression, passion and the sense, found by the painter, wildness of colours, tornado, and the artist finds himself his world, his purpose in the reach colours. ...read more

by Evgraf Konchin

A Feeling of Ascension
The Tretyakov Gallery | Artists On Artists Dmitry Zhilinsky (Interview by Maria Fedorova)

The solo exhibition of Aaron April at the Tretyakov Gallery coincided with the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the State of Israel, where the artist has been living and working for nearly 40 years.
A superb painter and graphic artist and an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, April presented works highlighting the complex evolution of his art. His oil and acrylic paintings and watercolours are a key part of the artist's biography, "self-portraits" of sorts, witness to the conflicts he has experienced in his lifetime, to his states of mind and reflections. It documents an uphill path to be ascended to reach the "Promised Land", and the heights of spirit and craftsmanship.
20 years ago Ilya Kabakov in his distinctive style imaginatively and aptly summarized the essence of April's art: "...Complex, profound pictures with many layers of meaning ... That which is at the depth lives long and that which is on the surface has been created instantaneously and this is the reason why the strange and painful link forms itself between the two varieties of time, the one that is forever and the one that is today..."
Aaron April's art, which in a comprehensive philosophical fashion synthesizes present-day realities in the context of the historical development of our civilization, presents to the viewer a complex narrative of the birth of the artistic image. His paintings and watercolours trace paths that unite one with the mysteries of the universe, and the spiritual, moral and aesthetic values of humankind. They are luciferous and multicoloured, symbolical and realistic at once. The brush touching a canvas or paper turns the traces, the clots of paint into a living, fluid fabric sparkling with colours, into an energy of feelings and meaning, into a full-voiced and selfcontradictory picture of the time and human passions. April's works sometimes resemble commandments and parables, at other times, metaphors and grotesques; they reflect the artist's inner world, his philosophy of life, his credo. ...read more





The Songs of Songs (4,12) 1983, Aquarelle

Excitement 1970, Aquarelle
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